is an international multidisciplinary creative team.

aiming together for a cosmogony in art and education.

” Through the earth we seed, through the water we breed, through the wind we spread, through the fire we collide “

γῆ   地  ὕδωρ  水  ἀήρ  風  πῦρ  火



Elisabeth Theodorou is an actress, writer and theater director. She lives and works in France and Greece. She grew up between Athens, Moscow and Toronto. Interested in the cross-cultural theater she has been constantly traveling and training in international acting techniques and traditions. In 2011 she started a theatrical movement in Paris the “robertozuccoproject ”. First play was Roberto Zucco de B-M Koltès (15 actors, 15 scenes, cinema & theater). Selected to represent Greece in the events of “European Capitals of Culture ” at Marseille-Provence 2013 She created with Violette Letoqueux, Adrien Caledron and Lambert Pounel the “4elements”. Since then they have been playing with the limits of space, language and urgency linking stories & cultures. She loves dreaming and building dreams.

Elisabeth Theodorou


Lambert Pounel started with Law studies but he was early commited to the art of acting. He finished Cours Florent and the Laboratory Training in Physical Theatre (LFTP) under Maxime Franzetti. He has worked with J.P.Garnier, Th.Condemine, A. Ethève, Th.Bouvet. Led by his theatrical approach to the physical transmission of the text through the body and vocal channeling, he joined the Balèti Theatre company in 2011. Besides acting and directing mostly contemporary theatre, Lambert coaches performers in physical training and corporal preparation for the stage. He has recently been working  in Canada in juvenile detentions centers (JDC)  on youth rehabilitation programmes.



Adrien Calendron began his artistic journey at the age of 4 with musical training at the National Conservatory of Dijon through piano, saxophone and singing lessons, participating in many bands and orchestras. Passionate with the theatrical scene he started taking acting lessons and appearing on theater plays and sketch venues. After completing his studies in computer engineering in ENSICAEN, he converted completely to the art of acting. After finishing Florent acting school in Paris, he directed his first play Lorenzaccio by Alfred de Musset. Having worked on modern and classical drama, he has appeared in the Parisian scene in Violations of life by M.Crimp , Roberto Zucco by B.M. Koltes, Uncle Vania by A.Chekhov. He was also featured in the films: “A woman in the revolution”, “Paris at all costs” and several other short movies and commercials.

Adrien Calendron


Violette Letoqueux grew up in one of Bretagnes most known theatrical companies being a member of an artistic family. Her first movie appearance was at the age of 5. At the age of 18 she took the big step to leave for the United States following the Shakespeare Theatre & Theatre Lab in Washington DC. Coming back to France, she is currently attending the Paris VIII Univerisity doing a Master’s degree research in the theater of violence. Commited to the theatrical life and evolution she has followed seminars with  Eugenio Barba, Mario Biagini, Michel Kokosowski among others.



Eleni Chalati was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is a freelance architect and a music composer . She graduated from the architecture school of A.U.TH. and from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation Industrielle ((ENSCI-les ateliers) in Paris, where she attended the post master program “Creation and Contemporary Technology”. She also holds a diploma as a pianist from the class of B.Taneva.  She has participated in projects from many fields such as urban, architectural and graphic design. Some of her work has been presented  in exhibitions in Thessaloniki and Paris. She has recently completed the graphic design of Intrigue City, a new board game published by Purple Games and she is responsible for the graphic design of 4elements.